Client Onboarding

Client Registration

Your pantry clients can register as soon as they arrive to MyChoice! Clients can register with their own email and password by clicking the “Register” button on the main landing page. Self-registration is required so that clients can create a secure login password. Depending on your pantry's settings, the fields required at registration vary.

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NEW since v2.9: Clients added by their pantry (after an in-person visit/order) will now receive an email invite to set up their account - if an email address is provided. Alternatively, pantries now have signup codes that can be given to clients. Signup codes are specific to each pantry, and can bypass the "Client Pending Order" role if that option is selected by the pantry.

Client Roles

MyChoice Pantry uses "roles" to determine what features and actions are available to your clients. Most of the roles are automatically applied by the system, and others require action by your pantry.

Role: Client

The default role, prompts users to make sure their information is up to date and household data is correct. If so, they can tap a button to "Send Info to Pantry:" Upon modifying and saving their household page, the system will notify the pantry and change the client's role to "Client Pending."

Role: Client Pending Order

The role applied after a client has updated both their profile and household information and is waiting for approval to place an order. At this stage, the pantry has the opportunity to review, verify, and export the client's data to an external CRM or management software (if necessary). When the client has been confirmed/approved for ordering, the pantry should change the role to "Client Can Order" to allow them to place an order in-app.

In this flow stage (role), clients can only update their household information and re-send to pantry. No orders can be placed until the "Client Can Order" role is applied.

Role: Client Can Order

The role applied to clients (manually, by their pantry) which allows them to place an order for pickup. The button to create a new order will only be visible to clients if their role is "Client Can Order" AND ordering is enabled by the pantry's settings.

Role: Client Has Order

The role applied to clients after an order is submitted for fulfillment. With this role, clients can not edit their household information or place a new order. The dashboard will show a card for their most recent order, with quick links for the QR pickup code, check-in, and other information related to their order.

After a client's order is marked as picked up, the system will change their role back to "Client" and allow ordering again after the specified waiting period.

Clients can not place new orders when they have the "Has Order" role... the system will automatically archive orders that have been marked complete for 26 days after the selected pickup date. When the system archives an order, the associated client will have their role automatically changed from "Client Has Order" to "Client" so they can update their information and request a new order.

Client Profile

When registering, or preparing to place a new order, clients will be asked to complete their profile. The following fields are tied to the client profile:

Household Record

After completing their profile, clients will be asked to review and update their household information, including:

*can only be edited by pantry managers

Audit / Review Clients

You can review client details and make changes to their accounts from the Users page. Simply select the client from the list by clicking on their email address or username (it won’t open an email window, but instead bring you to the editor). On the client’s user page, you can review household information, the account owner’s contact information, and other information like last order date and online status.