MyChoice is modeled after a grocery store, with individual products placed on shelves with similar products. This categorization makes it easy when building order forms for your clients.

For example, depending on a client's household, they may be assigned the "Blue" order form. The order form will have options made up of different shelves of products (categories) they can select products from.

Products can be assigned to more than one category, and you can include categories on as many order forms (with varying quantity limits) as you like.

Product Name

The product name as it appears on any packaging. Identical products of various sizes should be entered as separate products unless your pantry considers them equal for selection.

Product Data

[General] Regular Price

Although payments are not enabled, this value cannot be empty. If the value is not prefilled, please enter 0.

[General] Barcode

Optional. - - Will be very helpful with the manager update for iOS.

[Inventory] SKU, UPC

Optional - SKUs may be required for some Inventory features, such as Purchase Orders and Suppliers.

Including a UPC or a standard PLU code will allow for nutrition information lookup and autofill in a future update

[Inventory] Manage Stock

Unchecked: Product inventory is not managed by the system; Pantry managers can manually change the stock status to "In Stock" or "Out of Stock" - used to determine what products are shown in order forms. Product is always available to clients based on the manually-set "in-stock" status.

Checked: In-Stock status is managed and a stock counter becomes available. Inventory is updated as orders are processed; Low/No stock items are hidden from clients and notifications are sent per your settings (i.e. Product low in stock email)

[Allergens] Allergen Tags

Optionally include any product-specific allergen tags for easier identification in order forms. A future update will allow clients to automatically hide products known to contain specified allergens.


Optional (but highly recommended); visible on all order forms and within Quick View

Short Description

Optional. Is visible in Quick View and some versions of order forms


Optional. Is visible in Quick View and in future versions of order form


Optional. Is visible in Quick View and in future versions of order form