MyChoice Pantry (version 2.0+) comes with the ability to track your inventory and stock built-in.

Inventory is tracked at the product level. Stock will go down automatically when customers place orders, and similarly, MyChoice has helpful tools for tracking customer orders and shipping status.

The tracking of your stocks, orders, and shipping are all integrated into detailed stock reports and statistics. Thanks to this, you can avoid over-ordering, know when you need to purchase extra stock, and find out which products are doing the best.

Enable Stock Management

If you want to manage individual stock settings, you’ll need to check Enable stock management at the product level. Here’s what each of these settings means:

How to Keep Inventory Updated

Automatic Inventory Adjustments

MyChoice will automatically deduct inventory from your products when orders are placed.

This will only apply to products with inventory management enabled. When set, MyChoice will deduct from this number whenever you receive an order, and it also will automatically set your products to low or out of stock as appropriate.

IMPORTANT: If an order is cancelled or the status is changed to the legacy "pending-payment" status, stock levels are increased.

Manual Inventory

There are three ways to manage inventory manually (such as for accepting new stock). Managers can...