Order Status


This is a system status for orders that are being processed by MyChoice, checking cart contents, and/or validating stock. If an order gets stuck at Pending for any reason, the pantry manager will be notified and the status can be manually changed to Received.


This status lets the client know that their order request has been received by their pantry of choice. Note that an order marked received will prevent the client from requesting an order at ANY pantry using MyChoice.


In this stage, the order has been confirmed and is ready for fulfillment. Once the status is changed to Processing, two new options become available: the fulfillment status, and order picking. Note that fulfillment status does not restrict flow to the next order stage (Ready for Pickup) and is only for stock management and inventory control purposes.


If for any reason a pantry needs to pause an order, you can set the status to On-Hold. This status will not affect inventory levels, allows for editing order contents (by the pantry), and further changes by managers.

Ready for Pickup

This notifies the client that their order has been packaged and is ready for pickup. Usually, this means the client will arrive at their scheduled time on their selected pickup day.


After an order has been picked up by a customer, the order should be marked as Completed. If the order is marked after actual pickup, please double check the "Next Order Date" and make sure that the pickup day/time is accurate as to when the order was picked up.


When an order needs to be cancelled by the pantry, setting the status to Refunded will "undo" the system changes leading up to the refund, including adjusting stock levels back to before the order was placed, updating the client's role, and sending required notifications. Note that orders can be manually refunded, however the Refund status automates most of the required steps.


Orders that have been completed for 30+ days and whose client are now eligible to re-order have their status automatically changed to Archived by the system. Typically, an order is marked Completed and the system will schedule a change based on the pickup time: 26 days after being picked up, MyChoice will automatiicaly change the status to Archived, update the client's role allow new order requests, and a notification is sent to their registered devices.